Wednesday, 26 July 2006

waiting for this storm.

Just found time to sit for a few minutes doing absolutely nothing.

Just wish this storm would break cos its sooo hot and sticky.

Well, Steve finally got his first filling today and it went quite well I think. Despite being a little late, he seemed very calm, considering he was absolutely terrified this morning after I wound him up a bit. lol!! Couldn't resist it..

My Hubby wants me to say that HES knackered ( his words ).

Erm excuse me, who does all the hard painstaking work round here anyway.Even my blisters have got blisters. Hoping to post some pics of the decking tomoz if all goes well.

Just wondering which day would be best to go visit my eldest son, Adam in Nottingham, cos he gets married on the 2nd of September and he's having a stag night soon. REALLY worried about that cos, did you see Eastenders last week? Poor Billy.

Just picturing Adam being tied to a lamp post in the niff. Thanks for that Steve, never thought of that til you said it.

Well, it's my bedtime again.Not enough hours in the day just lately. Looking forward to starting my poems soon.

Thank you to everyone whos been reading my journal and I hope to find more time to read all of yours and be in touch. I feel I know some of you already cos Steve speaks of you often. All good of course.

Byes e Byes for now sweet dreams everyone.

love n hugs

Pat. x x


stevietwain said...

Mum, the thing with the lamp post hardly happens nowadays..I didn't mean for you to take it literal ya silly moo...LOL!

And thanks for commenting on my I get a badge now? lmao!

Night ya

salonrose123 said...

I've come to the conclusion that the men get knackered watching us women do the work!!  

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your decking.  Have you set a date for the concert yet?!

Please send some of that storm up here when it eventually's boiling!!


jeadie05 said...

Hi Pat ,I have to say it ...I resisted the last last time I commented....You look so young ,certainly to have a son ,Steves age !,Ihope you got him a box of Sarties for being good at the dentist ,(or wise he'll whinge lol )...yes would love to see pics of the decking .....Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Hi Pat looking forward to seeing the decking (That you did most of the work on lol)  Hope they don't do anything to drastic to Adam on this stag night ~ I love poetry looking forward to reading some of yours ~ Ally

deshelestraci said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this deck of yours.  Sounds lovely.  We have a deck that goes across the back of our house and half way around the side.  In the summer it is too hot to use and in the winter too cold.  So it is used about 3 weeks or so a year.  Pretty sad, huh?