Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I love you Dad, with all of my heart,
You've always been there for me, right from the start,
You're my staff of life to me, my guiding star,
My guardian angel, yes that's what you are,

As you grow older, I grow older too,
I realise all of the things that you do,
Are harder to manage, can't quite find the way,
You're not just as fit, as you were yesterday,

But hey, not to worry, because now you see,
That your guardian angel is with you ,
It's me .....



New arrival due

Hi all,

I'm really excited but also really anxious because my Niece Louise, is going into Hospital first thing, to give birth to her third baby.. She is expecting a baby Daughter and her name is to be Ruby May..

She has to be delivered by section, so it's a little worrying but I'm confident she'll be okay..

She has a Daughter and a Son already, Lily, aged 3, and Dylan almost 2....

I'll post pics tomorrow as soon as they come in, so watch this space..

Good vibes and fingers crossed please everyone...

Love and luck Pat x x

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Halloween antics

Hi everyone.

I hope you all had a great time on Halloween.. I had my usual bucket of sweeties ready for the trick or treaters but missed most of them as I decided to help Steven with his Double O group at work. Double O is a group for young people with Downs Syndrome or learning disabilities. They really enjoy all things fun and even though I didn't stay the whole time, Steven said they had a great time.

I went to help Steven set up. I put the halloween snacks out, such yummies as, googly eye balls, which are mallow with an orangy centre and green slime outer covered in coconut and we also had green slime tarts, halloween fancies and brown mud slabs... YUMMY !!!

Steven hung spooky Halloween banners and covered the place in spiders webs with spiders still in them, ( not real of course ) he also ( thinking of everything ) bought a cd of blood curdling screams, sound effects and spooky music, which really set the mood..

I then left and went to buy us a Chinese meal from the local takeaway because I knew Steven hadn't eaten much that day, as he'd been searching high and low for pumpkins for the group...

My Mum donated some food for the event and a very nice friend of Steven's donated the pumpkins and decorations for the room...

No wonder a good time was had by all...I wish I'd stayed for the fun but someone had to feed the troops....

Her are a few pics of my Great Niece, Lily and her Brother Dylan enjoying their Halloween.. I hope you like them as much as I do..