Tuesday, 21 November 2006


I have a friend in J land

You know her as well as me

She's had an op

today so stop

and wish her well with me



  X X X X

Thursday, 9 November 2006


Hi all,

A few more pics of today's events.

Adrian and I have worked really hard all day to make some gates to keep the dogs out of the garden.

Peggy has a habit of falling into the pond whenever possible, so we thought the gates were a great idea.

We let them out onto the decking to see if they liked the gates and OH NO !! turned my back and ...... Peggy can fit between the spindles and gets into the garden.

Oh well, back to the drawing board I guess.

Need to put the spindles closer together me thinks.

See you all later peeps.

Love and hugs  Pat  x x x

Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Peggy's 1st hair cut.

Hi all,

Just wanted to share Peggy's first haircut with you.

I know you like me to keep you informed of Peggy's progress.

Hasn't she grown up ?

She's six months old in a few days.

Her 1st puppy tooth came out last night too, so I'm expecting more toy chewing over the next few months.

She's such a sweetie and has a wonderful nature with her too. Not an ounce of aggression there.

She wears a car seat belt too, now she's big enough.

Just like to welcome Steve back too, after his recent illness. It's great to read you again Ste. Love you so much.

Well, off for now, kitchen still being re furbished. Will post pics as soon as I can.

Love and hugs to you all.

Pat.  x x x x

Saturday, 4 November 2006

My new Nephew

Just wanted to share my new baby Nephew with you.

He was born yesterday, third of November, at 4.15 pm.

He weighed in at 4lbs 2 ounces, bless him.

Not sure about his name yet. At the moment he's called Archie.

About to be a Great Aunt again any day now.

Altogether I have 43 Nephews and Nieces and 15 Great Nephews and Nieces.

Getting bigger all the time.