Sunday, 23 December 2007


It's Christmas Eve Eve and all through the house

Everything's stirring, even a mouse

His name is Kevin and he lives in Steve's room

I daren't let the cats in or he'd meet his doom

Not sure how he got there but he's there sure enough

We both tried to catch him but " boy, is he tough "

I did all the right things, I gave him some cheese

But he just ignores it and happily flees

Maybe he's an orphan and has no-one to care

And after all, it's Christmas.... be fair

He wants to celebrate even though he's a mouse

He's one of God's creatures and lives in my house.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Merry Christmas

Excitement fills the air with a sense of wonder

What is this magical spell that I'm under

A feeling of merriment, of goodwill and love

It's as blissful as looking at the stars up above

Children excited and giddy with glee

Happily sitting there, on Santa's knee

His little helpers with presents at hand

Together they form a fantasy land

Children wishing for their hearts delight

As Santa's sleigh glides through the skies of the night

Church bells are ringing to gather the clan

To sing songs together to tell of a man

who was born in a stable, no room at the Inn

This is where stories of Christmas begin

But Christmas for me is the time that I treasure

All the good things in life that give me great pleasure

My children, my family, my friends and my schemes

My very existence, my hopes and my dreams

I hope that this Christmas, you're dreams will come true

Merry Christmas Have a good one, that's my wish for you