Sunday, 30 July 2006

guest room

Well another day's hard work. This time I decorated the guest room for Adrian's Son and his Girlfriend coming to stay for a few days.

Colour scheme is Chocolate and Cream. I hope they like it.

Just watched the film K-9 and really enjoyed it. Jerry Lee is sooo cute. We used to have Alsations when I was little. Dusty is the first one that I can remember, then King. I always felt very safe knowing they were on guard at night at the top of the stairs.

Any who, really tired now, think I'll have an early night.

Catch you later. night night

Love n hugs Pat. x x


Thursday, 27 July 2006

My cat Holly

This Irish beauty squatted in Adrian's house over in Bangor in Ireland and wouldn't leave, so when Adrian moved over here two years ago, she moved with him. She's sooo lovable and doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body. I love her to pieces.She just loves cuddles and attention. ( a bit like her mum ).

My cat Seven

This little sweetie is Seven. She's the baby at 3 years old. She was bred by my Sister and she was the seventh kitten from the seventh litter. Steven being the Star Trek fan, gave us the inclination to call her Seven ,after Seven Of Nine from the series " Star Trek Voyager ".She's really lightweight and dainty and a Mummy's girl. MMWWAAHH!!

My cat Boz

Here's Boz.He's around 9 years old. He was rescued from a neighbours house as they used to put him in drawers and even the microwave once, shock horror. He's a little imp and tries to get out of the house after tea so that he has to be coaxed back in using chicken as bait. He loves chicken ( and hugs )

My cat Sam

This is my oldest cat , Sam. He is 12 years old and a Mummy's boy. He likes eating and sleeps in Adrian's wardrobe  when he thinks he can get away with it.

pet pics

This here is Buffy. She is five years old and a West Highland White Terrier. She suffers from a complaint Westies sometimes get called " dry eyes ". Just found out from the vet that she will probably go blind. She is such a sweetie and her favourite toy is her teddy.

pictures of decking

Hi everyone. As promised, pics of the decking. Picture number 4 is my Hubby of four months, Adrian.

Well, another busy busy day but at least the decking is finished at last. YEY!!  Next job starting tomorrow is the little guest room. Not that I have many little guests that!! 

Adrian's son is coming to stay for a few days on Monday so we're looking forward to that. He's FAR from little, he's six feet four.

Steve was asked to be his Brother's Best Man today and I'm really chuffed. Although I have been asked to do a reading at the ceremony O.M.G.

Well, not much time to chat tonight as we're up early tomoz for Adrian's hospital appointment for his Arthritis ( bless him ).

Thinking of putting pics of all my pets on here tomoz and I'll introduce you.

Sweet dreams all. Catch you all later.

Love n hugs Pat. x x

Wednesday, 26 July 2006

waiting for this storm.

Just found time to sit for a few minutes doing absolutely nothing.

Just wish this storm would break cos its sooo hot and sticky.

Well, Steve finally got his first filling today and it went quite well I think. Despite being a little late, he seemed very calm, considering he was absolutely terrified this morning after I wound him up a bit. lol!! Couldn't resist it..

My Hubby wants me to say that HES knackered ( his words ).

Erm excuse me, who does all the hard painstaking work round here anyway.Even my blisters have got blisters. Hoping to post some pics of the decking tomoz if all goes well.

Just wondering which day would be best to go visit my eldest son, Adam in Nottingham, cos he gets married on the 2nd of September and he's having a stag night soon. REALLY worried about that cos, did you see Eastenders last week? Poor Billy.

Just picturing Adam being tied to a lamp post in the niff. Thanks for that Steve, never thought of that til you said it.

Well, it's my bedtime again.Not enough hours in the day just lately. Looking forward to starting my poems soon.

Thank you to everyone whos been reading my journal and I hope to find more time to read all of yours and be in touch. I feel I know some of you already cos Steve speaks of you often. All good of course.

Byes e Byes for now sweet dreams everyone.

love n hugs

Pat. x x

Busy couple of weeks

Hello everyone,

Finally got time to sit here and tell you a little about the last couple of weeks building the decking in my back garden.

We decided to buy a nice little conservatory and extend the living room .Well, it turned out bigger than expected because I wanted a "P" shaped one just to be awkward.

Not realising that we would have to build decking so that we can walk into the garden.

Ever wish you'd never started something?

The conservatory was fine because we got the professionals in  to build it but the decking....

My Hubby has Arthritis,so he can't carry heavy things very well,so guess who copped for lifting all the decking boards and rafters? guessed

He supervised and did all the sawing cos I hate the loud noise saws make and they're pretty scarey. Might lose a nail or even worse...a finger.

I must have looked really funny carrying the boards in too, cos they're really long and awkward and I'm only five feet five and eight stones.

I felt like Charlie Dimmock without the boobies. Stop laughing Steve.... I know you are..

Anyway after almost two weeks of hard graft, I'm shattered and glad we're almost finished. Just got the staining to finish tomorrow.

It looks like a stage and as I'm a singer, it should do very nicely. Even thinking of charging an entrance fee and putting on a show or two. You interested Steve?

You could do your rendition of Enrique or Anastasia if you like....

Any who, Im off to beddybyes. Been a tiring day again.

Thank you for looking in on me.

Speak to you again soon. Pat. x x


Hello everyone!

Welcome to my journal. Been trying to find time to do this for a while, but been too busy building decking on the conservatory....Long story!

Many of you may know my son, Steven through his journal, 'The life of Stevie'.

I hope to get to know some of you better, as I know some of you by name already, so watch this space!

Bye for now!