Sunday, 18 May 2008

Stranger in camp

Well, here I am again to tell you of my Great Nephew born just a couple of days ago. This little man takes me to 28 Great Nephews and Nieces now.... He hasn't a name yet but I'll keep you posted..

I have 22 Nephews and Nieces too and also I found my 2 nieces from my first marriage whom I've never seen except on photographs, I never thought I'd ever see them .... Phew !!  This is hard work...

I haven't been around much these past couple of months because I've been sooo busy doing up the house and helping Mum look after Dad..

The good news is that Adrian's Mum is doing really well and a stair lift has been fitted for her at home, so maybe she will be able to move out of the care home soon. I haven't seen her for some months now but the last time I saw her, I said I would make her a cup of tea at her house next time I saw her.. Hopefully, I can keep my promise...

Hope you're all well and that the weather's being kind to you wherever you are..

Catch you all again soon   bye for now...

Pat  x x