Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Busy couple of weeks

Hello everyone,

Finally got time to sit here and tell you a little about the last couple of weeks building the decking in my back garden.

We decided to buy a nice little conservatory and extend the living room .Well, it turned out bigger than expected because I wanted a "P" shaped one just to be awkward.

Not realising that we would have to build decking so that we can walk into the garden.

Ever wish you'd never started something?

The conservatory was fine because we got the professionals in  to build it but the decking....

My Hubby has Arthritis,so he can't carry heavy things very well,so guess who copped for lifting all the decking boards and rafters? guessed

He supervised and did all the sawing cos I hate the loud noise saws make and they're pretty scarey. Might lose a nail or even worse...a finger.

I must have looked really funny carrying the boards in too, cos they're really long and awkward and I'm only five feet five and eight stones.

I felt like Charlie Dimmock without the boobies. Stop laughing Steve.... I know you are..

Anyway after almost two weeks of hard graft, I'm shattered and glad we're almost finished. Just got the staining to finish tomorrow.

It looks like a stage and as I'm a singer, it should do very nicely. Even thinking of charging an entrance fee and putting on a show or two. You interested Steve?

You could do your rendition of Enrique or Anastasia if you like....

Any who, Im off to beddybyes. Been a tiring day again.

Thank you for looking in on me.

Speak to you again soon. Pat. x x


patrice21459 said...

Hope the conservatroy turns out ok
Comment from tinkerbell876838 - 26/07/06 15:11

Pat see you are really getting on well with your journal ~ the conservatory sounds good ~ you will be so proud of the decking when it is finished as you did most of the work ~ and yes it will make a good stage ~ have you plenty of chairs out in the garden for your audience or do we have to bring our own ~ lol ~ Ally
Comment from ally123130585918 - 26/07/06 10:24

Hiya Mum,

Good to see ya gettin' on well with the journal. I knew ya would!

I can't wait to get on that stage and sing my ass off to Anastacia..LOL!

Love ya,

Comment from stevietwain - 26/07/06 06:31

Welcome to "J-land" !!! I got your link through your son ! He's adorable!!!
I live in New York , if you want to read my journal, let me know i'll send an invite, since its private.
Comment from eml625 - 26/07/06 03:11

LOL I thought you wanted to charge Steve!  :)  Sounds like a ton of hard work.  Hopefully we'll see pictures of the finished product.  I know you're new to all this, but in no time you'll be a pro.
Comment from nightmaremom - 26/07/06 01:19