Thursday, 18 January 2007

Career or no career, that is the question.

Hello everyone,

Came here to try to get myself motivated as to whether or not I'm ready to go back to work.

I haven't worked for the past 29 years because of  bad experiences and also having a family, not to confuse one with the other, lol !!

Adrian and I have read in the local paper that South Yorkshire Police are looking for call operatives and Adrian thinks we should both apply.

It's okay for him because he is a retired Police Officer, as of 12 months ago but I haven't worked for so long, I don't know if I'm brave enough now.

The money is brilliant and we do really need help with finances at the mo but what to do ?

Decisions, decisions. Ah me !!!


ukgal36 said...

Give it a go!! you have nothing to lose! if it doesn't work out you won't have lost anything and if it does then good on ya!
Miss ya!

ally123130585918 said...

Give it a go Pat ~ you don't have anything to lose ~ but a lot to gain if it turns out they like you and you like the job ~ and it would be experience for you they must have a training programme ~ good luck if you decide to try it ~ Ally

stevietwain said...

Mum, I'm soo happy that you are thinking of work again after all this time! It's been a while, and it might be a bit daunting, but what ya got to lose? We'll all help ya if ya want to go, not that you'll need much help. Just remember, you can't let the calls affect you personally, 'cos you'll never know what you might hear on the other side of the phone.

Be prepared, but I say go for it!!

Love ya


aniracj said...

Go for it Pat. It is difficult getting back out there again but when you do it is great....I now get bored if I am not working and companies are now quite happy to employ people returning after long breaks. Besides the money will be good and you can give yourself the odd little treat now and then!!!

lanurseprn said...

I know that after you are away from the work force you begin to wonder if you are even able to work again.  But, you can.  And they'd train you.  Maybe if you start off on a part time basis so it's not so mentally and physically overwhelming at first and then take it from there. You might only want to stay on part time.
I'm working part time because I was overwhelmed.  I like it.  
Let us know what you decide.

seraphoflove9001 said...

How about trying it out! :o) Then if you aren't comfortable with it, then go from there. ;o) Good luck hon!

justplainbill said...

Pat, my first thoughts were that you should do it. It seems to be what everyone is advising you to do. I will send you a link to a woman who went back to work as a 911 call responder for her local police. She certainly has found the job to be interesting, challenging and rewarding.
Good luck to you. Bill

justplainbill said...

Pat, here is the link I promised you. If you look in her archives you will see why I thought of her site when you asked your question.
Don't be misled my her journal title. she doe snot golf as much as she use to. Bill

deshelestraci said...

Sounds like a good thing.  And hubby would hopefully be there with you so it couldn't be too scary, right?

cgtperkins said...

That sounds like a fun job!!!