Thursday, 5 April 2007


It's getting pretty close to my 50th birthday and I find myself starting to reflect upon life's events.

I expected life to pass by so very slowly but I find that if I blink, I miss 5 years without even knowing where they went to.

I also find that, the older I get, the more medication I need to take.

I've been taking the birth control pill since I was 23, only coming off it to have Steven, my youngest Son.

I also have to take medication now for an underactive thyroid condition.

I take medication for my anxiety attacks, which I have under control for now at least.

Now I found out this morning, that I have Reynauds disease, whatever that is. It makes my fingers sore and swollen,a little like Arthritis I suppose.

It's something to do with my Thyroid condition the Doctor told me, so guess what ? Yes.. even more medication to come now..Ahh me !!

I dont particularly feel any older than when I was 20 really.

Just occasionally I pass the mirror and see my wrinkles starting to form now... I prefer to call them laughter lines myself, sounds more dignified I think.

I suppose I just have to get used to being more mature now, because I'm stuck with it.

I seem to be be the kind of lady that, when I'm introduced to someone, they say " ah, she's sweet " I feel like the little old lady on Sylvester and know the one....with the bird cage..

I know I still have a long long way to go with my life yet, I'm not even a Nanna yet.Sooo looking forward to that....

Oh well, off I go to collect my new meds...

Speak to you again soon.

Take care Sweeties....