Monday, 8 October 2007


Had a great night tonight. I've been trying to trace my ancestors for the past two years and not made any headway....until tonight....WOOHOO !!!

Inside two hours, I managed to trace my Mum's Grandfather, Ernest Arthur AND my Dad's Great Grandparents and their SIX children, one of whom is my Great Grandmother Annie. Annie gave birth to twins, one of whom was my late Grandfather and his Sister. I dont know her name but I know she was adopted and sent to live in Canada when she was a baby, so that's going to be hard to follow up.

I know for a fact that my Grandfather's Father lived in Ireland and were Catholic. That's all I know though, so that's another problem that I'm so looking forward to solving..

I am so chuffed, I actually found all these family members in one night..

I know they're not with us anymore but I still feel as if I gained more family...

I'm really enjoying my ancestral search and will keep you all updated with my findings..

Love and best wishes

Pat    x x x




ukgal36 said...

Wow..I bet you are stoked!! well done you...fascinating isn't it??
have a good week love...

emabecmar said...

i wish you the best of luck in your research. (((((hugs))))))

heavenlybama said...

I couldn't find anything on my Mama's birth family.  Earlier this year, I joined a yahoo group and the moderator found our family within two weeks with what little info I had.  The only ones left alive were my Mama's 2 great uncles.  One lives 2 hrs. away and the other 4 hrs. away.  But my Dad's family....that's not another story.  I hardly can't find anything.  Still searching.  Glad you made some headway.  That's awesome!

pharmolo said...

Genealogy is a strangely addicting hobby. It gives an extremely narrow glimpse into the past, showing where people were on that particular night a census (e.g.) was taken. Well done!