Friday, 29 February 2008



Just wanted to introduce you to all of my Godchildren.

The first one is my Nephew, Lee, holding his Sister's little boy, Dylan. He's about to become a Daddy for the first time too.

The next one is Daniel, another Nephew of mine, he's nearly ten now.

Next is Louise, my Niece, she is the Sister to Lee and Mother to Dylan.

Last but not least is my friend's baby, Max. He is just seven weeks old. I love him as if he was my Nephew ( or Grandson ) Goodness knows I'm old enough.

I feel very blessed to have so many Nephews and Nieces and Great Nephews and Nieces. I love them all the same. I think it was thirty something last time I counted.

Mother's Day always makes me mull over my years of Motherhood and I know we came through some really bad times but we had so many really happy times too. Now both my boys are grown and doing their own thing, I would LOVE to be a Nanna. Still, I suppose I should just be grateful I have them both healthy and with me .But it doesn't hurt to dream...


Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce you to my new Godson to be,  Max.


 I was really delighted when his Mum asked if I would be his Godmother.

Especially as everyone I know is beating me to being a Nanna.

 Not that I'm in a hurry to grow old but I'm so wanting to be a Nanna now, while I'm  young enough to watch them grow up.

His Naming Ceremony is in June... and of course... there will be photographs....lots of them.

 I'm not actually a Godmother, I'm to be his Supporter but it's basically the same thing without the religious side.

Hope everyone is well and I will post again soon. Lots of love for now.. x x x

Friday, 22 February 2008


Just wanted to post this photograph of Frances. I have been looking for her for sooo long and I finally found her a few weeks ago.

Although she passed away about twenty years ago, I am in contact with the rest of the family and enjoy getting to know them all.

Frances is the lady on the far right of the picture. She looks SO like my Grandad, her only Brother. The Gentleman to the left of her is her Husband, Harry. Then comes their Son, Tom and his new Wife, Orleen and her parents.I chat to Orleen often over the phone,she usually rings at about 2.30 in the morning, which used to give me a fright but now I know who it is, I look forward to her call. She is such a LOVELY lady, I feel I've known her all my life.

Just wished that I had thought of trying to find Frances when I was younger, then maybe we could  have met. She is very dearly loved by all of us, even though we have never met her, we have heard SO much about her from my Grandad, who has also passed away twenty years ago now. In fact, they both died the same year, which, as they were thought to be twins, we thought was REALLY strange.

I am told she was a VERY hard working lady, as was her Husband Harry. I suppose they had to work hard to move to a strange country with no family or friends. They had to start life over again from scratch. The Walsh's are all very stubborn and thank goodness they are, or maybe life for Frances would have been too hard and she may not have survived.

I would like to thank Lyn especially for finding and sending me the website that got me started with my search, things really came together quickly after that. I will always be grateful to her.

Thursday, 21 February 2008



Sunday, 17 February 2008


Hi everyone. Just wanted to post this picture I found earlier...Couldn't resist it...


Thursday, 14 February 2008


I know I haven't been forthcoming with entries in my journal lately but it's been pretty awful around here over the past few weeks.

Adrian's Mum is doing fine at the moment. She is living in a residential home now and she's doing okay, although far from well.

And if that isn't enough, Adrian's Sister was diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago and has been having chemotherapy on and off. She was given the all clear once or twice but it keeps coming back and now she's told that it's spreading. She has tumours in her brain, her throat and her stomach. Although she hasn't told anyone directly, we have been told that she's been given six months.

She worked as a theatre nurse in the main hospital in Belfast and is such a lovely person. She is the only big Sister I have and I know some of you know how it feels to be losing her.

I haven't written about it in my journal because I know some of you have been through the same thing and I didn't want to bring it up again and upset anyone.

It's something you always hear about happening to someone else and it hits really hard when it's your family it's happening to.

We are all just taking things a day at a time as it's all we can do at the moment but everytime the phone rings we jump and wonder if it's bad news about his Mum or his Sister.

I hope everyone in j-land is well and I hope to catch up with you all.

Best wishes Pat  x x

'Unbreakable heart'

Another song for you. Hope you like it. Click title to download.

'Unbreakable Heart'

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

'End of the world'

Hello everybody


Not been on for a while, for different reasons which I'll go into later. Just wanted to post a song cos I've been asked by a few people. Hope you're all well. I'll be back again soon with more songs, poetry and normal entries.


Happy Valentines day for tomorrow. Hope you get lots of cards from secret admirers!

Love Pat


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