Thursday, 17 July 2008


Anybody who knows me, knows I'm Steve's Mum.

Being Steve's Mum, I know that since being a toddler, he has ALWAYS shown compassion to animals whether they be large or small, two legged or multi legged, hairy, scaley, spikey, fluffy, feathery, you get the gist ...

He used to go " bug hunting " in the grass and would come back with frogs, spiders, slugs, in fact, he once came home with a hedgehog and hid it under his bed.. What a fright I got cleaning under there one day..

We put it in a box and took it back to where it came from and lo and behold, the next morning...there it was had found it's way back to us..

This went on for a few days, us taking it back and it ALWAYS coming back the next day.. obviously liked Steven..

To get to present day, Steven and Anthony have been given some Goldfish by a friend and they keep them in Steve's bedroom here. Anthony was then given some live Daphnia and some Bloodworms to feed the new Goldfish on.. soon as Steven laid eyes on these poor little Bloodworms and Daphnia, he went on his usual crusade and refused point blank to feed them to the Goldfish.

Instead he put them into my fishpond in the garden to give them" a fair chance of life"


How many people do you know with so much compassion for all living things..

What a special young man he is...but then...I guess I'm just biassed..







luddie343 said...

Oh Patricia I think you can be biased safely lol Steven's not only compassionate, feels things so deeply, he's also inherited musical gifts and shares them with us here.  His entries make us smile and feel good about things - his outlook on life and people shows the heart this young man has, you can be very proud.  CATHY

luddie343 said...

lol it's a month later and I'm baaack!  Wishing you had more time to write, but hope things are okay across the pond.  xoxo Cathy