Friday, 13 October 2006

My Sons

Picture 1 is my older Son, Adam. He is 27 this Christmas day. He has been a rock to me this past 20 years. Looked after his little Brother Steven and me through thick and thin. Although this past 7 years, he has lived in Nottingham, I know I only have to call him and he would come home, no holds barred. I had Steven as a baby, only a few weeks old and I fell downstairs, right from the top, with Steven in my arms. Adam was only 4 at the time but he saw me fall and stood really strong at the bottom of the stairs to catch my fall. I would have gone straight into a radiator with Steven in my arms, if Adam hadn't stopped my fall.

He helped a bag lady in the streets of Nottingham a few years ago when he was still in University. She was being dragged down an alleyway by 2 men trying to mug her. One of the men ran off, the other pulled a knife and slashed Adam's arm. Luckily enough, he was wearing a thick coat I'd bought him and it saved his wrist from being badly cut.

Just a glimpse into the life of Adam, also known by me as Buzz Lightyear. I love him tremendously.

Picture 2 is Adam and Steven,who you all know, at Adam's wedding last month.

My 2 special guys.

Picture 3 is Mum proudly standing between the 2 most fantastic people in the whole world, without whom, she would have been a shadow of the person she is today.

Just watched Steven's latest journal entry and feel so very blessed that God has granted him with such a wonderful gift of voice. I just know he was meant for greater things than being a prisoner of his own life, not going out, living his young life.

My mission in life now, is to help him get his life into perspective. He deserves it.

God bless






chevyz71gurl74 said...

So very touching Pat!
I've been to Stevie's journal this morning,
I can't listen to him sing the song just yet as my
husband is still in bed it's only 5:15am..I am fixing to
head off to work...but i will listen to it this afternoon..
The words to the song are simply beautiful...and sad
at the same time...When my friends hurt in jland i hurt =(
I hope you have a great weekend


lanurseprn said...

Beautiful pictures!

cgtperkins said...

Aw, you sound like a great mum. We all love Steven and hope everything works out for him. He does deserve something great. Sounds like your oldest son is pretty great too. You must of raised some fine young men. Hats off to you!!

justplainbill said...

Nice kids Mum, you did good. I love Ste voice and  presentation. What is keeping him back from going professional. I think he could make it big for sure. Bill

seraphoflove9001 said...

Oh Pat....I can honestly FEEL your love for your sons! They are such great sons and they are reflections of their mother as well! :o)

gazker said...

You have great son's Pat and I know you will help Stevie, with his pain at the moment.
Gaz x

pharmolo said...

You have some wonderful young men around you Pat, you're right to be proud of them


faircolleen said...

You have great sons and they have a great Mum too : )

sneezy7125 said...

You have fantastic sons, it's obvious where they get their wonderful personalities from. :-)

Sorry I haven't been by to see you, I'm still not getting alerts for you! Grr...


rainy35 said...

You are so blessed Pat to have 2 wonderful sons.  Stevie is so talented in singing.  I'm sure he gets that from you.  :)  God bless.

wrigleyrachey said...

lovely entry, it's not easy being a mum, but you have two lovely 'boys'

ukgal36 said...

Hi pat .. just wanted to say hello and hope you are doing okay... have missed seeing you post..take care...