Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Latchkey kids

I haven't been to my journal for a while now because I've had a few things happening in my life, such as Mum In Law seriously ill in hospital. She is making good progress at the moment by the way and thank you all so much for your good wishes and prayers. They mean so much to all of us.

I am so furious tonight to hear that an eleven year old boy in Merseyside has been shot dead whilst out playing with his friends. They are saying the boy who shot him was a TWELVE year old on a BMX bike. What is it with kids these days. We would NEVER have dreamed of using this sort of violent behaviour when we were little.

The more I think about it and I'm not sorry who I offend here, I blame parents. My Mother was ALWAYS at home when we got in from school and we were NEVER left at night while they went out drinking because they didn't drink, still don't.

We weren't allowed to play out after eight oclock at night and when we did play out , parents ALWAYS knew where we were.

What do parents think their kids are doing when they're still playing out late at night ? Not playing football or wendy house that's for sure.

Times have changed and unfortunately some parents seem to enjoy going out more than being at home keeping their kids in line. No wonder things have gotten so bad.

I'm not old fashioned and I'm not sexist but I really think that at least one parent should be at home making rules and teaching their kids good manners and respectability towards others. Mistakes are being made and we are all at the hands of young thugs whether we are out in the street or inside our own home.



justplainbill said...

>>that at least one parent should be at home making rules and teaching their kids good manners and respectability towards others>>

Patrice, unfortunately now days it tkes two salaries to keep a household running. The more children and their expenses, makes the need for two salaries even more accute. I believe my family is fortunate in that the husbands all have decent jobs and salaries and as a result at least one parent is with them at all times.
I place partial blame on the fact that most families try to live at a level of life style that requires more than one salary will support.
Another problem, that we did not have as kids or parents, is the availabilty of guns. How did a twelve year old ever get his hands on a gun?
There are surely many other thing that contribute to the decline in childhood behaviour but I have presented the two I believe are big contibutors to the problem.
I also believe strongly that it is important to know and approve of you child's friend, since they have a strong influence on our children.
Enough, now I will lay awake all night trying to solve this very difficult situation that we all find ourselves involved in.

astoriasand said...

It's a terrible world we are living in Patricia and I see no end to any of this.It breaks my heart and it is very worrying.Lets me say this,if I was a young person today I would definatly never bring a child into this world.Things are not getting beyond control ,they ARE beyond control.I worry each day for anyone at all now,who IS safe to go out knowone in my thinking.Prayers being said for you and yours and also for the family of the child who was killed.Take Care God Bless Kath

patrice21459 said...

I totally agree with you Bill but I know first hand that some people have both parents working to pay for a lifestyle they cannot afford, such as holidays abroad, big cars, etc. All not necessary. The poor kids wander the streets bored because they don't have anything to do. I see this everyday.
It's come to the point where we need to prioritise between our lifestyle or our kids.
I brought my two Sons up single handed and they never went without things they needed, clothes, food, love, etc.
I have no idea where they get the weapons from but I know it's something the Government must look into and fast.
It makes me wonder what kind of world our Grandchildren will be growing up in, let alone our Great Grandchildren.

ukgal36 said...

I couldn't agree with you more pat...sad times we are a living in and i think it is even worse over there than over here..the kids in Uk have absolutely no respect whatsoever....i have never heard such foul language in my life...we were on a public bus and this little 13 year old girl was talking at the top of her lungs about who she had "shagged' over the weekend and every other owrd was the F kids were is way stricter over here..way loitering..curfews at public littering....maybe because the cops carry guns here?? the kids know they can't mess with them?? I don't know..sorry to ramble on..

luddie343 said...

All kids have to vent their rebellious side but this is just criminal - not the children, the lack of parenting.  It's epidemic here in the States.  Children aren't playing with guns they're USING them.  No, you and I wouldn't DREAM of doing things they now do with such ease, but something very tilted has happened to the "family foundation", that delicate balancing act between a father and mother, husband and wife, raising children to be decent human beings in the world.  That's not what's happeneing.  If there IS a parent in the home it's a working or welfare mother who hasn't the training, nor the inclination and I'm so sorry to say, the care to parent a child.  Thanks for bringing up a timely subject - wonder where the answers will come from.  CATHY