Friday, 6 July 2007


Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am an avid animal lover. So much so that I have five cats ( three are rescued ) three dogs ( one is rescued ) and fish in the pond.

Over the past few weeks, I have had four bird rescues. It seems they know where to land when they need somewhere to die. This worries me somewhat.

The first rescue was a racing pigeon that landed on the decking, as we were sat looking through the window to the garden. It couldn't fly and was exhausted. We rang through to the RSPCA, who gave as a number to report that this pigeon had come to us, so that it's owner knew how far it had flown.

They just said that we should give it food and water and somewhere warm to rest up for a couple of days until it had the strength to fly home. We did everything they said but found it dead the next morning. It looked as if it had a heart attack or something. Bless !!!

The next one was a little bird Adrian and I saw on the way round to my Mum's house in the next street. It was so tiny and not long since left it's Mummy.

Again, we took it and tried to see if it had fallen from it's nest but nothing in sight, so we took it home and put it in a warm place with food and water and left it until it found strength to fly home... It died the next morning..

The third one was when Adrian was away from home for a few days. It just flew into the garden unable to fly. I couldn't see any damage, so I kept it overnight .... it died.

By now I'm getting a little hesitant to help our fine feathered friends and decided not to intervene in future.. that is.. until last night when a pigeon flew into our back garden...AGAIN..

It just looked very wet from the rain and seemed to be exhausted... Same routine, only this time, I let it sleep in the outhouse with the door slightly ajar so that it could fly away when it chose to.

Got upthis morning and .....yes, you guessed it....IT DIED ....

Why do they keep coming to me just to die here ? It upsets me ..... Steven gets very perturbed bless him...

I wonder if that's why I don't get many visitors round...hmmm !!! 


nightmaremom said...

I'm so sorry Pat... I had to laugh when I read the end.  They come to you 'cuz they know you care ...  
love ya

gazker said...

I think you need to keep that door SHUT Pat. It's true what D said though.
Gaz :-)

seraphoflove9001 said...

I have to do humans, animals can sense that humans have a good soul and come to them for help. You are one good soul! :o)

zoepaul6968 said...

come join my welcome back party love zoe xxxxxxx

pharmolo said...

At least you showed some kindness to them in their final hours, Pat :-)

astoriasand said...

Shake hands Pat you have a mate here.Whats the saying "Great minds think alike" Too good for our own good at times though and it doesn't always pay.Don't know if you have found this out or not.Have a lovely Sunday Take Care God Bless KATH