Tuesday, 1 August 2006


I know I'm a wonderful Mum. I pride myself on that just so that I know they didn't break me.

I was sixteen years old and had never had a boyfriend before. My Dad said I was too young. I wasn't allowed to go to school disco's.I spent many a night crying in my bedroom because my classmates were laughing at me for being " mollicoddled ".

One boy I really liked, came to call at my house and my Dad sent him away until I was eighteen.I was devastated and angry with him for years to come. I would swear under my breath that one day I would just leave.He couldn't stop me forever.

I started work at just fifteen years old, working in an office. I absolutely LOVED it. I was there for three years and NEVER missed a day.

One day I had arranged to go out with my work mates to a club.My Dad said he would pick me up rather than let me catch a taxi home.

When I got there I noticed a boy there who I worked with. He was a Duty Driver. When he asked me if he could take me home I said my Dad was waiting for me outside.

The next day at work, he asked me out. He was far from the best looking boy I had ever seen but I said yes, probably just to get my own back on my Dad.

We had a relationship for three years and finally got engaged. My parents didn't like him at all for some reason.A few weeks after our engagement, the car broke down outside his house and he pushed the car round to his Dad's garage to repair it.

I should have realised that something was funny when his Dad held my hand to walk me round to the garage because I was cold. When the car started, my boyfriend drove it round to the front of the house.

His Dad scared me to death when he tried to close the garage door on us. I managed to run out.

I told my boyfriend what had happened as we drove home but instead of being angry with his Dad, he pulled up abruptly, grabbed me by the neck and accused me of lying to him.

Needless to say, we split up that night. I also found out that he'd been seeing his Auntie behind my back. EEWW!!!

I didn't see him for months and months after that and was shocked to get a phone call from his Dad saying that my ex-boyfriend had taken an overdose and had locked himself in their bedroom.

He asked me to go round there and speak to him, so I did.

When I got there, I found that my ex wasn't even at the house but that he had taken the family to their caravan in Skegness.

As I pushed open the bedroom door, expecting my ex to be in there, his Dad shoved me down on to the bed and raped me.It's something I'll NEVER forget but I refuse to take the blame also.

I couldn't prove anything and I didn't want my Dad to go to prison for killing anyone, so I kept my mouth shut.I was nineteen at the time.

To make it even worse, I had to agree to keep seeing him or he would tell my family what I had done. I saw him a couple of times, then just blew my top and said, " SO TELL THEM. I REALLY  DON'T CARE "

I think it must have shocked him because I NEVER heard from him again.



ally123130585918 said...

Oh Pat I bet that took some courage to write about this ~ but it will help you to let go of that terrible memory ~ of course it was not your fault thats lays solely with your ex's father who obviously had preplanned this to get you into his house ~ I just hope one day he will realise what a dreadful act he did to you ~ but I won't hold my breath as these people have no conscience but I hope in some way he is punished ~ in fact I pray he will be punished ~ Ally

jeadie05 said...

Pat bless your heart, I read this with a lump in my throat ,what an awful family ,you had a lucky escape .........Jan xx