Wednesday, 27 September 2006

spooky stuff

Sunday was a sad day for me because I had to sell my caravan for half of the price I paid for it. This was bad enough but it was also my Auntie Peggy's favourite place to be over the Summer months. She collapsed in it on the 3rd of September, 2 years ago, lay in a coma until she died on the 10th of September, then she was cremated on the 17th of September, which is also her Mum's ( my Grandma's birthday )

I felt as if I had sold her short and I always felt that she was with me in the caravan, which was comforting for me.I Feel as if I've left her behind.

I had a bit of a weep about it to Adrian ( my Hubby ) and he said to look at it as she would always be with me because the cash I got for the caravan, was going towards paying for my new kitchen.

I felt better for thinking that. Then, later the next night, I had things cooking in the oven, when I heard the oven door click open. I thought Adrian had walked in behind me to check the oven. When I turned round, there was no one there but the oven door was swinging open.It's a brand new Rangemaster cooker, so the oven latch is still very stiff to open yet.

Later that same night, I was on the phone to Steven, when the wall lights switch clicked and the wall lights went off. I shouted Adrian and he switched the wall light switch off and turned the main light on instead. I carried on talking to Steven for a minute or two then Adrian came back in and asked if I had switched the wall lights back on again and the main light off. I looked up and to my amazement, the wall lights WERE back on and the main light was switched off.

Adrian doesn't believe in ghosts but even HE was spooked by this

I loved my Auntie Peggy very very much and it wouldn't bother me if I did see her but I think it's VERY strange that these things happened the very same day that I had been talking about her.



salonrose123 said...

Ooooh, very strange!  I'm all goose-bumpy.
I totally believe in the supernatural and stuff like that.....frighten myself silly sometimes thinking about it actually, so I reckon it was auntie Peggy letting you know she was there.  
Hope you're well.
Ains xx

karlaellen said...

That is a wonderful picture of your Aunt Peggy.
I looked at it for the longest time.
She looks like the kind of person I wish I had known,
very kind and the sweetest calming smile.
 Karla~Washington State

cgtperkins said...

Hi had to look up your journal after hearing your amazing voice on Stevie's journal. I hope he told you I think you have the voice of an angel!! Very beautiful, Downtown couldnt have been better!! Um yes by the way I believe Aunt Peggy is letting you know that she is there, have had similar experiences within my family. Thanks for sharing your songs and journal with us, you have an absolutely amazing voice so keep on singin'!!HUGZ

faircolleen said...

I think its Auntie Peggy telling you not to be upset and to enjoy your new kitchen.Thats spooky Pat!! But also reassurring too .I love your singing with Stevie. . you have a wonderful son in him. . hes gorgeous too.

ally123130585918 said...

Loved that story Pat ~ I expect it is just Aunt Peggy checking out everything was OK with you ~ Ally

seraphoflove9001 said...

Pat....I feel that your Auntie is letting you know that it was ok! She looks down on you and wants to let you know everything is fine and it also sounds like she likes your new stove! How nice! :o)

sneezy7125 said...

It's definitely your Aunt!

Same thing happened to us when we lost my grandmother... A few months later, my aunt got married to a nice older man, and she stood in my grandmother's old room and asked, "What do you think about me getting married?" And the lamp turned on!

No doubt in my mind that it's her, that's for sure.

Hope you're having a great day,


PS-- I haven't been getting any alerts for you. GRRR!

am4039 said...

first I'm so sorry about the caravan and losing your aunt that way. That had to be awful. It sounds like your Aunt. I do believe that stuff can happen. Sorry I haven't visited your journal in awhile, I have been so far behind.

zoepaul6968 said...

i believe she did contact you and wanted you to know she will always be there,especially interfering with your cooking,as all lovely aunts do,have a good weekend xxzoexx