Tuesday, 5 September 2006


Hi all

Just to let know that Adrian and I took Steve to the hospital, only to be told we had wasted our time ( once again ) and would be better taking him to his GP.

We did take him and saw the very nice lady Doctor there, who told Steve that his chest infection has gone and his chest is clear again ( thank goodness )

She is referring him to a behavioural therapist and has arranged for a full blood test and urine test.

She also thinks that he may have a thyroid problem, which is possible as I have an underactive thyroid condition, along with ALL the girls in my Mum's side of the family ( not saying that Steve is a girl, lol !!) but you know what I mean.

Also , he could be enaemic, ( hope that's how to spell it ) this is another family trait on my Mother's side, along with having rhesus type blood.( We're so lucky )

All in all, Steve is being well looked after now , so hopefully, in time, he should start to feel better ( finger's crossed )

On a different note, I had an e mail from Adam and Emma honeymooning in Malaysia, saying that they LOVED Malaysia, it's FANTASTIC, and " cheap as chips "

So, assuming from that they are having a wonderful time.

Well, just off to bed, been yet another long, tiring day. Another one to follow tomorrow, as we have to go through to Nottingham to check on Adam's pets.

Read you all again later.



ukgal36 said...

Thanks for the update to you both... give stevie a big kiss frome me..

seraphoflove9001 said...

Thank you for updating us on how Stevie is doing. :o) I've been so worried about him. God bless the both of you. ;o)

jlocorriere05 said...

I do hope Steve will soon be up and running again, I've still got no alerts- they've been down since Sunday. I visited Malaysia last year, it was beautiful there in Borneo, if you get the chance go! You'd love the Orang Utan sanctuary! Jeannette xx  

lisbnjvi said...

I can't believe it was yet another wasted trip to the hospital.  Glad he was able to have some answers through from the GP doctor lady.  Poor guy.  Hopefully the blood tests will reveal SOMETHING that they can treat to keep him well on a day to day basis.
Hugs and love,

pharmolo said...

Thanks for the update, Pat, hope everything will be sorted soon

zoepaul6968 said...

Hi my names zoe and ive just popped over from kerrys blog,I love yours its so down to earth its just my cup of tea,im not getting alerts at the moment but ive put you on mine for when aol sort it out,so i hope its ok to pop back every so often,take care xxzoexx

rainy35 said...

Hi Patricia,
I'm a regular reader of Stevie's and popped over here to see if anything was posted about him from yesterday.  I love your journal and put ya on alerts.  Stevie has my prayers.