Saturday, 16 September 2006


Hi all,

Firstly, I would just like to thank you ALL so very, very much for your messages of goodwill and best wishes for Steven and myself. It means so very much to know you are all out there rooting for us.

Steve has had good results from taking his meds and isn't getting chest pains as badly now. He also says he can breathe again, which is such a huge relief to hear.

I think this is a sign that maybe it IS his nerves and hopefully, it can be resolved very soon.

His Doctor has rushed him an appointment with a councellor, so hopefully, things will start to be a little easier from now on.

Thank goodness someone has seen fit to believe him and done something positive for him.

I even managed to get Steve to visit his Brother with us today, we had a great time looking at honeymoon videos. They had a brother to Brother thing too. It was lovely to see.

Anyway, almost my bedtime now, don't dread it as much now I know that Steve's getting some sleep too.

I will post again tomorrow, thanks again to all of you for everything. You're really good friends.

Love and Best to you all

Pat   x x



seraphoflove9001 said...

Pat, thank you so very much for letting us all know about Stevie. Whew....I'm so glad that someone finally took him seriously and has/is helping him.
God bless.

jeadie05 said...

Thanks so much for the update Pat,it must be a relief to you to have someone who understands,and wants to give constructive help .Give Steve my love ,and you take care too ,have a good sleep tonight ,bless you ,.,.,.,Jan xx

gazker said...

Hi Pat, at last Stevie is getting the help he needs, watch the meds he's on, they can be very addictive. You know where I am if you need a chat ,ok? He's lucky to have a Mum like you, try and keep strong for him. Gaz x

faircolleen said...

Best wishes to Steve. . .he has a great Mum in you. Mums feel all their kids troubles. .you will feel less nattered now.Have a good sleep.

redpoppy007 said...

Anxiety is worse than a broken arm or leg.
I am thankful, he is getting some relief.

pharmolo said...

Hoping for a speedy recovery - Guido

lisbnjvi said...

I am thinking of you both and sending lots of love and healing wishes Stevie's way!

am4039 said...

just wishing he gets better fast. I already miss him.

lifes2odd said...

Big (((hugs))) for both of you!
Martha :-)

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Thanks for the update!
Both of you take care

ally123130585918 said...

Pat thank goodness someone listened to Steve and is doing something to help him ~ thanks for the update ~ you take care of yourself ~ Ally

aniracj said...

Good to know things are okay with Steve, the only way is up now with the support of the gp and counselling, give him a hug from me.

lanurseprn said...

Hope he gets better soon!  Give him my best and also a hug!

lanurseprn said...

Hope he gets better soon!  Give him my best and also a hug!

lindachapmanuk said...

aw you're a lovely mum....Linda xx

rainy35 said...

I am so glad that finally a dr. is doing something for him.  It's about time!